Cotton and cotton fabric combined with an inner membrane that guarantees a high degree of impermeability and resistance to atmospheric agents while ensuring body transpiration. These characteristics give the PAC-8515 line garments a feeling of absolute protection even under the most extreme conditions.

Polyester and Elastane fabric, with windproof membrane enriched with a Teflon coating that enhances the technical qualities of resistance to atmospheric agents.The lightness of the yarn combined with the comfort of Elastan and the protection of Teflon, make the garments made with this fabric extremely soft, enveloping and suitable for any weather conditions.

Every ANTARTICA jacket has a 4-layer structure that gives maximum resistance letting the skin breathe: thermal insulation, waterproof and windproof, but at the same time extremely breathable. The relief effect of the garment is given by the particular processing that initially involves sewing the quilts and only at a later time filling the plumage.The high resistance of the garment also translates into a noteworthy duration in time.

Each ANTARTICA quilt offers defense at the lowest temperatures. In fact, we use a very precious 90/10 premium quality feather (90% down and 10% goose down), which allows maximum thermal insulation and at the same time gives a great lightness and softness to the jacket. 


Each ANTARTICA garment allows you to repel rain, snow, wind and humidity, keeping the wearer dry. This technical feature increases the versatility of our jackets, making them perfectly versatile, both for everyday life in the city, and in case of excursions in nature, explorations, climbing and more extreme adventures.



Each ANTARTICA garment provides a possible dual function gadget, depending on the choice you want to make: a large puller, ideal to be gripped with winter gloves, which generally make it difficult to hold small objects, or a removable carabiner that it can become a modern design key ring.

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